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How To Launch A Crowdfunding Campaign And Not Go Mad – Sand Sign Practical Lifehacks

How To Launch A Crowdfunding Campaign And Not Go Mad – Sand Sign Practical Lifehacks

These last 5 days taught me a lot on how to be patient. With our Kickstarter campaign for the Biggest Number of Love Declarations Written on a Beach, I almost lost all my sleep. I was tracking every single backer, waited for alerts and notifications, which started to drive me crazy. Good news is that we have already got 45% funded in less than a week, and still have 23 days to go.

Here are some things I learnt on how to keep your temper while having an active Kickstarter campaign. Hope these simple advice will help you stay calm and focused, if you are also challenging yourself with crowdfunding. Otherwise, you may simply go nuts.
1. The most important thing is organization of timing. Your campaign should be accurately planned. So should be your working days while on Kickstarter. Set up special hours when you do blogging, send out emails and updates, answer questions and come up with some sort of a schedule.
2. Stop checking your campaign status every 5 minutes. It is really disturbing. Just agree that you will do it 5 times a day, no more. Otherwise, it is inefficient waiting.
3. Cut the time you spend on social media, unless you are the one responsible for social promotion of a project. You have probably noticed that Facebook and Twitter consume a lot of your time when you simply surf it with no particular intent. When stressed, this effect becomes even bigger, and you may catch yourself spending hours and hours on it.
4. Do get your sleep and try to keep to your schedule. It is important to stay focused when needed and not to feel tired all the time. Good sleep, good food and a little exercise will help you to have clear mind.
5. Explain your family and friends that you may be a little nervous once the campaign is live. Communication is a key. Talk to them to prevent any possible misunderstandings of your weird stressed behavior.
6. Be patient. You must have spent a lot of time on getting your campaign ready, so relax, act as planned and enjoy your great results!

February 19, 2015