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Top-5 Unusual but Cute Gift Ideas for Valentines

Top-5 Unusual but Cute Gift Ideas for Valentines

Most people argue that when in love, every day is a Valentine's day. For ladies, however, it is not quite so. So most men start searching the Internet a week before this Grand Event trying to be creative to surprise her.

Here are some Sand Sign tips on Valentines gifts that will definitely help you stand out.

1. A romantic message on a sandy beach.
Write your message on an exotic beach saying that you love and care. You are not currently having a vacation on the splendid Maldives? But you still have a chance to do it. One of the ways is to back our ongoing Kickstarter campaign

2. Get her a star
Sounds like a fairy tale, but you can in fact buy a star or name a star after whoever you like (presumably your girlfriend) and get a special certificate in a Star Registry.

3. DIY Presents
It is not always necessary to go for expensive diamond rings and stuff. You may do tons of useful presents with your own hands. And Andrea Romano knows it best, so I’ll just leave a link.

4. Love Message Box
This is another DIY idea, but I think it is cute. Take pieces of paper and write what you love her for. Girls love that stuff! The more ideas you come up with, the more impressed she will be. You may want to take a dictionary, if you feel your vocabulary is not good enough to describe all her virtues.

5. Write a poem
Don’t laugh here. Girls love when you put a lot of effort into things you have never done before. She will appreciate it even if your line do not rhyme. However, I would also offer to add some chocolate as an extra benefit.
Remember that Valentine’s is not about presents, but about love. Now I will have to finish up my own gift for Svetlana, which I will describe in my next post, so stay tuned.

February 13, 2015