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How to Create a Sand Sign

How to Create a Sand Sign

How to create the most stunning sand drawings? There are three most important things to remember: timing, location and tools.

We always keep them in mind and will sure follow them for our Most Love Declarations on Sand Global Record.

1) Timing. It is essential. You need to know exact time when tide gets low and when in comes up in order to know how many hours you have at your disposal. Low tide also reveals wet sand of good density, which is perfect for sand work.
2) Location.Find a beach with the least possible number of tourists. The emptier a beach is, the better your work will turn out. Also, try to eliminate any distracting factors. Wait for clear and sunny weather. If there is a hint of rain or wind, postpone the project. Otherwise, it will not last long.
3) Tools. There is a vast variety of objects you can use to express yourself. Pretty much anything you have at hand would do, including the hand itself). I go for standard wood sticks, but I know artists who use high-tech equipment to create their masterpieces. Here is a short-list:

Drawing a message at the beach of Bali

- As I said, we usually go for a standard wood stick. You need to sharpen it like a pencil so that it could go deep into wet sand and give you good lines. Choose a stick depending on the size of your inscription. The larger your message is, the thicker a stick should be.
- You may use simple rake to give deepness to your work, create shades and curves. Using rakes between lines allows to achieve airbrush effect. The deeper into the sand you go, the more intense color you get.
- Car tires may also be a nice at-hand tool. Drifting fans probably know that cars are able to leave quite interesting marks on road. You may go for this option to create round circles and extravagant large-scale curves.
- The largest projects might require some special equipment, such as GPS navigators for precise lining and special agriculture rakes and lots of trucks.
- Disney has recently created a special BeachBot, an autonomous robot that draws pictures on the beach using state of the art technology. It ketches images on the beach by dragging seven pins in the sand. So you can get one and just send file image for BeachBot to replicate.

I will post a selection of the most stunning sand art in my next post, so be sure to follow my blog.

If you got inspired, but have any questions, feel free to contact me any time. Having over 3 years of experience, I am a sand sign expert. Self-proclaimed, but very experienced.

January 22, 2015