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How it all started…

How it all started…

No matter what you do, how much money you make, what charity you help, it doesn’t make much sense unless you have IT. This inexplicable, irrational feeling called love that turns you into a hypersensitive individual who all of a sudden slobbers over teddy bears, watching sunset or simple walking in the park.

First, I was afraid to admit, but it literally possessed me, turned it all upside down, but did it real good. I enjoyed it as much as I could craving for it like an addict. Then came the time to make the statement.

As simple as it seemed, it was not simple at all. I surfed the Internet, looked for some benchmarks, explored her favorite books – it started to drive me crazy, but gave no result. I knew what she liked most, but couldn’t come up with anything worthy.

Then, I just decided to go for our favorites – warm ocean of Thailand and a sandy beach. Moreover, I already had 3 years of successful Sand Sign startup experience with tons of pictures and videos from the most picturesque beaches in 14 countries. Therefore, I knew for sure how to make it happen.

Yet, if you think writing on sand is simple, I can assure you that it is not. I spent several hours looking for the right place. Then it took me a lifetime to actually write it. First, to find the right size to reflect my feelings and then wait forever for low tide and light that would add magic to the scenery. At the end it did turn out good, she said yes and we started our happily-ever-after, but this is a different story.

My proposal on Sandy beach of Samui

Sand Sign project started with a request from my friend in Moscow to send him a warm greeting from Costa Rica, a sand message. Then more and more people would ask me to do the same. I could witness the joy my presents brought to people. After that came my proposal that was as emotional as it could get.

At that point I thought, why not make it big? Share emotions, live to love and love to live. For this reason, I decided to launch a Global Campaign for Most Love Declarations Written on Sand. I truly believe that we are able to get so many people to participate that we could easily set a world record. At this point, I would kindly ask you to share this info with your friends and invite them to join the initiative.

World is beautiful, so are our feelings. Don’t be afraid to show it, and it will pay off with the happiest moments and tons of good memories.

January 06, 2015