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How To Fly A Drone And Make A Stunning Video - Sand Sign Best Tips

How To Fly A Drone And Make A Stunning Video - Sand Sign Best Tips

From the very moment drones appeared on the market, I wanted to possess one. You may call it childish or silly, but it is an extremely cool toy for adults crazy about video making. I have tried piloting it, and I must say that making a good video is not an easy thing to do. But the results of my test drive turned out to be so amazing that I decided to include an option of aerial sand sign for our Most Love Declarations on Sand Global Record.

In case you also want to have a son to play with all those modern toys (all those “men-never-grow-up-and-stay-kids-but-their-toys-get-more-expensive” are true, by the way) here are some useful tips for you:

1. If you want a good quality video, go for a professional drone equipment. We are now looking for options for the Campaign and I must say there are some many of them! You don’t want to end up with something that looks like home movies? Shaky, nauseating, and squiggly footage happens to the best of us. Likelihood of getting stunning, smooth and cinematic shots and being crowned a drone master goes up exponentially when keeping in mind some simple rules and going for decent equipment.

2. For a good video you will need two people. One operates a drone, another one manages the camera. Grab some buds and practice together.

3. Make sure you're not within 3 miles of an airport or air traffic. Some of the modern drones has a built in feature that doesn’t allow you to fly in restricted areas.

4. Find a community to learn with if you're going to be serious, like a drone group. They'll teach you how to be safe and prevent any accidents.

5. Keep practicing until you're comfortable.

6. Learn how to fly in manual mode. That way if your GPS goes out, it'll save you from a crash.

7. Always think about what you might hit if your craft crashed on a given flight. Don't fly over large crowds of people unless you have a lot of experience and confidence in your equipment.

8. Have fun! Once you have the rules, safety precautions and practice time under your belt, it's time to enjoy it.

Drones allow to experience all the thrills of flight in spectacular locations with a body never leaving the ground. You try it once and become obsessed. Highly recommended!

February 04, 2015